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Boujaad Pink Rug 5.4' x 9'

$780.00 $1,500.00

Boujaad Rugs are known for the use of warm pinks, red, and orange hues. Colors are created from berries, flowers and plants. Boujaad rugs are created by a typical Berber Tribe technique of hand knotting but the knot is pulled tighter which uses less wool and allows for more intricate designs. Made in the Central Plains.

This is a one of a kind rug no two are ever the same.

Origin: Morocco

Measurements: 5.4 feet by 9 feet

Content: 100% Wool




Introduction to Coe 112

Introduction to Coe 112

Hi There! Thanks for visiting Coe 112. This little shop started from my love of small towns. I find that you create the best memories, meet the warmest people, and enjoy the best food in these communities. My love of small towns began in the tiny town of Coshocton, Ohio. I was born in Columbus but moved to Canada when I was two years old....

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You know that feeling when you roll through a small town in the middle of nowhere? The pace gets slower, the buildings show a few layers of worn out paint, and the vibe feels a bit warm and wild.

You might have landed in a new country stumbling upon a small village That leads you down a dusty path into a bustling market filled with products made slow and by hand. This is how I would describe Coe 112. At Coe 112 artisan partners and products are sourced locally & from around the world. items that feel worn in and uniquely free spirited. We showcase art that can be used daily in ones home


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