Cactus Silk Pillows

Handmade in Morocco


Dried Floral

Everlasting natural stems


1.77' x 3.35' Rust & Grey Turkish Mini Rug


Area Rug: 1.77 x 3.35 feet

Pile: Low

Origin: Turkey

Material: Cotton & Wool

As this item is vintage, natural color fading and imperfections are what give it character. Photographs were taken inside by a window with natural light, and outside. Rug may appear slightly darker or lighter in each setting.

Professionally Cleaned


You know that feeling when you roll through a small town in the middle of nowhere? The pace gets slower, the buildings show a few layers of worn out paint, and the vibe feels a bit warm and wild.

You might have landed in a new country stumbling upon a small village That leads you down a dusty path into a bustling market filled with products made slow and by hand. This is how I would describe Coe 112. At Coe 112 artisan partners and products are sourced locally & from around the world. items that feel worn in and uniquely free spirited. We showcase art that can be used daily in ones home


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