About Us

It is hard to describe in words but I want Coe 112 to evoke the feeling of a wild warmth, hot summer nights, fields full of tall grass, sandy toes on a long stretch of beach, and a home that is filled with the best worn in memories.
You know that feeling when you roll through a small town in the middle of nowhere? The pace gets slower, the buildings show a few layers of worn out paint, and the vibe feels a bit warm and wild.
You might have landed in a new country stumbling upon a small village which leads you down a dusty path into a bustling market, filled with products made slow and by hand. Items that feel worn in and uniquely free spirited are sourced from artisan partners locally & around the world.
The name Coe 112 originates from my grandmother’s 100 year old home that sits on Coe Avenue. Humid summer nights, front porch swings, and weekly trips down Main Street to the Antique Mall were the the building blocks of Coe 112. I hope our products create well loved memories for you and your loved ones.

Xo Natalie