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Introduction to Coe 112

Introduction to Coe 112

Hi There!

Thanks for visiting Coe 112. This little shop started from my love of small towns. I find that you create the best memories, meet the warmest people, and enjoy the best food in these communities.

My love of small towns began in the tiny town of Coshocton, Ohio. I was born in Columbus but moved to Canada when I was two years old. Coshocton is the town my mother grew up in, and every two to three years my sisters and I would get to spend a few weeks at my grandmothers house. A home that is over a 100 years old and sits on Coe Avenue. This is where I fell in love with horses, humid summers, front porches, lightening bugs, Vernor's ginger ale and antiques. To this day we still do the exact same things when visiting, strolling Roscoe Village, an hour or two going through the booths at the Antique Mall, and biscuits and gravy at Bob Evans.

Fast forward to my thirties and I am pretty fortunate that my job as a sales representative in the fashion industry has allowed me the ability to pack up my car and travel the states for weeks at a time. At first the aspect of these solo trips was pretty daunting. I had a few flash flood scares while driving through the mountains of West Virginia, a few wrong turns in Kentucky but was rewarded with some of the best fried chicken in South Carolina.

The best part of these work trips is getting to visit with small retailers, and stopping off at every antique, or thrift store I can find. Through these little trips I would pick up small items that I could fit into my suitcase to decorate my home back in British Columbia, Canada. I started to pick up a few things for friends and then selling a few items here and there. I realized I wanted to create a little shop that celebrates finding one of a kind pieces be it antiques or handcrafted goods from small artists.

Thanks for visiting and supporting this little dream of mine and the artists we carry.